Ease Inflammation Issues With Omega-3

October 04, 2017 MOXXOR Staff

Inflammation isn’t always harmful. In fact, it’s a key component in your body’s injury and infection response: Blood vessels dilate to allow increased blood flow, which brings with it valuable immune system cells. Acute inflammation is your friend, rapidly assembling the troops to fight dangerous germs or to repair damaged tissue. In spite of its benefits, inflammation isn’t meant to linger. When it does and becomes chronic due to continued stimulus from triggers, it turns into the cause of the damage rather than the remedy. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a long list of ailments, including cancer, heart disease, central nervous system...

Need an Attitude Adjustment? Five Ways to Improve Your Mood

September 20, 2017 MOXXOR Staff

Keeping your spirits high when things around you are down can be a challenge. However, there are easy ways to boost your mood and stay healthy. Read on for a few ideas to help brighten your day and improve your mood. Go Walking Fresh air and exercise are known to improve well-being. They are a great mood buster too. Several studies have shown how just a walk around the block or from one end of the office to another can get you in a brighter frame of mind. Other mood-improving exercise includes going for a swim, taking part in a yoga session...

Omega-3 could help healing after a heart attack

September 06, 2017 MOXXOR Staff

A 2016 study conducted by Dr. Raymond Kwong and his team at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital demonstrates how omega-3 fatty acids can decelerate or even prevent damage following a heart attack.

Quick Guide to Omega-3 Supplements for Dogs

August 17, 2017 Bold Apps

Though the debate goes on, the fact is that Americans are dog people. Approximately 44 percent of U.S. homes have at least one dog, compared to just 35 percent of households that include a cat. Dogs are important family members, and most families will do just about anything to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible — and omega 3 supplements can help. The Benefits of Omega 3 Supplements for Dogs Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the most frequently recommended supplements for prevention and treatment of a variety of issues, including allergies, poor kidney function, skin conditions,...

The Wonders of Kiwi Seed Oil

August 02, 2017 MOXXOR Staff

If you have read any health or nutrition blogs recently, you've probably heard about so-called "superfoods." It seems like there is a new and exotic fruit or seed in the media every month that's being credited with an amazing array of healing properties. You want to do what's best for you and your family, but with so much information, it's hard to know. To get to the bottom of this, we need to understand the supplements our bodies really need: vitamins, minerals and good fats. Knowing that it's these core elements that power our immune and tissue building systems means...