MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 is Helping Seniors Stay Healthy and Active!

A lot of things change as you age – your hair starts to go, you have to reach for your reading glasses more often, you notice new wrinkles in the mirror, your knees aren’t what they used to be…it’s not all bad, but there are age-related changes that affect most seniors. As you enter your 60s, 70s, and beyond, you may experience age-related changes to:

  • Your brain
  • Your heart
  • Your joints
  • Your circulation
  • Your skin
  • Your hair

And any other part of your body. Some of these changes come with getting older, but poor health doesn’t have to be part of the aging process. Some of these age-related changes and problems may be caused or worsened by something that’s missing from your diet.


You know the importance of balanced nutrition -- what you add to or eliminate from your diet plays a role in maintaining good health. Maybe you’re cutting out some foods to keep your cholesterol down, maybe you’ve added a calcium supplement to keep your bones strong, but have you remembered your omega-3s? 


Omega-3s are the good fatty acids you should include in your diet. These beneficial fatty acids are vital to the health and function of every cell in the body. Since they can only be obtained through certain foods and supplements, taking an omega-3 supplement is a smart way to get the full range of fatty acids you need as you age.


Seniors across the US are discovering a secret to maintaining good health: MOXXOR® OMEGA-3. These all-natural supplements contain a full-range of omega-3 fatty acids for seniors, including DHA, EPA, and ETA. MOXXOR OMEGA-3 contains the most potent omega-3 in the world sourced from the famous New Zealand green-lipped mussels that are recognized by the International Conservation Organization “Blue Ocean Institute” as one of the top two eco-friendly seafoods in the world. The omega-3s found in these supplements can contribute to:

  • Better brain health
  • Better heart health
  • Improved joint health and range of motion
  • Healthier circulation
  • Healthier skin
  • Healthier hair

And other positive changes to your overall health.


Helping Seniors Stay Healthy and Active


Omega-3 fatty acids are known to play a crucial role in brain health and function, and can have mood-boosting benefits too. Omega-3s can help arthritis, and allow older adults to stay more active. A diet rich in omega-3s is recommended for heart health by the American Heart Association. MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 supplements for seniors let you get the omega-3s your everyday diet may be lacking. These powerful supplements are a complete source of omega-3 fatty acids. MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 supplements also contain a blend of natural antioxidants to fight off inflammation, environmental toxins, and other health disruptors.


MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 all-natural supplements, are mercury-free, toxin-free, non-GMO products. The best omega-3 supplements for seniors, older adults, and people of all ages can be found on See what our happy customers of all ages have to say about the benefits of our eco-friendly supplements, and order your natural omega-3 supplements online too. Stay healthy and active into your golden years with the help of MOXXOR® OMEGA-3.