Easy, Safe and Effective Omega-3 Supplements for Cats and Dogs


You remember to feed them dinner and take them for their walk. You make sure to give them their bath and heartworm pill. But are you remembering to give your cat or dog their omega-3? That’s right – pets need these good fatty acids in their diet, too. You can make sure that your furry friend is getting all of the nutrients they need when you add an all-natural omega-3 supplement for pets to their diet.


Why do cats and dogs need omega-3? Like humans, pets need the beneficial fatty acids known as omega-3s. And like their owners, cats and dogs need to get their omega-3s through foods and supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in MOXXOR® OMEGA-3, play a part in the health of every cell of your pet’s body. Omega-3 supplements can help support your pet’s brain function, heart function, and the health of their other vital organs.


How do omega-3 supplements benefit pets? A complete range of these good fatty acids that pets need can be found in high-quality omega-3 supplements. Omega-3s can benefit the health and wellness of your cat and dog in a variety of ways, including:

  • Keeping joints healthy – Adding an omega-3 supplement to your pet’s meals can help keep your cat or dog jumping, walking, running, and playing with less joint pain. Adding omega-3 to your pet’s food can also lessen their risk of developing joint degeneration and other joint issues as they age.


  • Keeping fur shiny and healthy – Omega-3 fatty acids can help protect and improve the health of your pet’s coat. The anti-inflammatory properties and other benefits of MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 can also help reduce skin irritation in your pet. Feeding your cat or dog a MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 gel-cap can help keep their fur and skin in good condition.


MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 supplements for pets are 100% pure, food-based supplements. These contain effective, beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA, EPA, and ETA. Balanced nutrition, including enough omega-3s in the diet, can improve the lifelong health of your cat or dog.


For Your Pets Health


Giving your cat or dog MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 supplements will be easy – each soft gel-cap can be fed directly to your pet, or can be opened and poured over their food. And since these supplements contain no preservatives, and are toxin-free and non-GMO supplements, they are safe for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 supplements are full of rich omega-3s, vitamin-E and antioxidants sourced from the world famous green-lipped mussels, kiwifruit and sauvignon blanc grape seeds that have a full range of essential free fatty acids.


At Moxxor, we help our customers and their pets live healthier lives with our pure and natural supplements. We source eco-friendly, environmentally responsible ingredients to create our effective omega-3 supplements for cats and dogs. Find all-natural omega-3 supplements for your pet online at moxdirect.com. Give your pet everything they need -- order omega-3 supplements for cats and dogs and help your pet stay healthy and happy.