How Does Omega-3 Help My Body?

Homeostasis is the ideal, balanced state your body should be in all of the time. However, many variables can throw off that balance, including environmental toxins, stress, and not consuming all of the nutrients your body needs. To improve your health during every stage of life, eating right is important. Adding supplements to your meal plans can help fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet and guarantee that you’re getting enough of everything you need for great health, including a variety of omega-3 fatty acids.

Getting enough omega-3 in your diet is crucial for your brain health, heart and vascular health, and much more. Many vital organs need omega-3s, and can be negatively affected from an omega-3 deficiency. Since your body doesn’t make these fatty acids, you’ve got to get them from foods and from the best omega-3 supplements.

Moxxor® Omega-3 supplements contain the fatty acids that are necessary for good health at every age. These high potency supplements also contain vitamins from natural sources and other powerful antioxidants that can protect cells from damage which can decrease inflammation throughout the body. Omega-3 along with the antioxidants in Moxxor® supplements can help your body in many ways:

If you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder or you participate in high-impact workouts regularly, your body may be under continuous physical stress. The anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants in Moxxor® Omega-3 supplements can help your body combat stress, maintain full range of motion, and let you recharge and recover more quickly after a practice or  workout. Getting enough omega-3 fatty acids through these safe and strong supplements can help keep your joints stay healthy, too.

If you’re a parent, you know it’s important for your child to get proper nutrition. If your child is a picky eater, supplements can help your child get an array of nutrients they might otherwise miss out on. Omega-3s are needed for brain function and development. Consumption of adequate amounts of one type of omega-3 fatty acid called DHA is linked to higher IQ and reduced behavioral issues in children. Moxxor® Omega-3 gel caps are smaller and easier to swallow than many other fish-oil supplements, and are free of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

If you’re an older adult or a senior citizen, you shouldn’t have to slow down and suffer from poor health. Getting enough omega-3 through your diet and supplements can help you stay active and healthy throughout your golden years. The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants found in Moxxor® Omega-3 supplements can decrease the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis, help keep skin healthy and decrease wrinkling, and improve overall health.

The ingredients in Moxxor® supplements are sourced from three all-natural superfoods:

  • Omega-3s derived from the green-lipped mussel, which is up to 200 times more powerful than the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil
  • Cold pressed kiwi seed oil, which contains vitamin E, vitamin K, oleic acid and folate
  • Cold pressed sauvignon grape seed oil, which contains the antioxidants including lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and carotenoids

Getting the proper nutrients can help your body maintain homeostasis and function its best. Moxxor® Omega-3 supplements have helped people of all ages have better health. Order these natural supplements online, or call: 888-366-9967 for more information on our products. Getting enough omega-3s from Moxxor® Omega-3 natural supplements can let you keep your body healthy at every age.