How Does Omega-3 Reduce Inflammation?

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We are a privately-owned, family-run business headquartered in Irvine, California with our own specialized oil extraction facility in New Zealand. We seek to contribute to elevating the overall health of our clients by providing natural, environmentally-friendly products of the highest caliber. Through our commitment to sustainably sourcing our products and the pure intention behind our practices, our social enterprise aims to make both your body and this world better places in which to inhabit.

Consider one of the best OMEGA-3 supplements available for purchase: our very own MOXXOR® OMEGA-3. Our product is manufactured near our sourcing locations for guaranteed purity and potency. In fact, our product is the most effective Omega-3 supplement in the world! It is sourced from the world-renown New Zealand green-lipped mussels, kiwi fruit, and Sauvignon Blanc grape seeds. According to the Blue Ocean Institute (an international conservation organization), our sourcing is one of the top 2 eco-friendly seafoods in the world. In addition to Omega 3s, our supplements also contain Vitamin E and other free-radical fighting antioxidants. Plus, our 150 mg soft and small gel caps are easy to swallow.

Our Omega 3 is:

  1. GMO Free
  2. Toxin Free
  3. Preservative Free
  4. Gluten Free
  5. Mercury Free
  6. Protein Free

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Omega-3 fatty acids contain vital nutrients that contribute to our health, from the cellular level to a holistic standpoint. These biological compounds have an influential impact in the following anatomical and physiological components:

  1. Brain Health
  2. Joint Health
  3. Respiratory Health
  4. Cardiovascular Health
  5. Immune System Response
  6. Gastrointestinal Health
  7. Normal Cholesterol Levels
  8. Menstrual Cycle Support

Consensus throughout the medical community defines inflammation as the body’s natural, immune-system based, physiological response to biological, chemical, or physical injury. This complex response results in a release of white blood cells into the affected tissues, which in turn results in increased blood flow, redness, warmth, swelling, and pain. Inflammation can either be helpful or harmful, depending on the cause and the ultimate effect it has on the body. In the case of injury or infection, inflammation is typically helpful. In the case of autoimmune diseases, inflammation is typically harmful.

As a result of clinical trials, scientists have hypothesized that mega-3 in general, and consequently, our natural OMEGA-3 supplements, reduce harmful inflammation by “elevating autophagy in macrophages.” Ultimately, this means that Omega 3 supplementation can reduce inflammation by triggering an increase in the self-destruction of the immune cells that coordinate inflammatory reactions in the body. It’s an incredible chain reaction!

Our MOXXOR® OMEGA-3 SUPPLEMENTS can be used by one and all and is even a safe and natural omega-3 for kids!

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