How Omega-3 Supplements Improve Your Joints

Most of us fail to understand the importance of joint health. Bending to pick up a dropped coin, descending a flight of stairs and swinging a tennis racket seem like easy, everyday tasks — until they aren't. When joints are young, they can do these stressful jobs without complaint, but joints will eventually remind you of their presence. Pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness in the knees, elbows, hands, hips, ankles and even the jaws are conditions common in those over 40 and for anyone with arthritis. An exam by your doctor is necessary to determine the precise cause of these aches and pains, but sometimes the answers are not clear: You might be told the stiffness in your joints is from common inflammation that occurs in the body as we age. Usually, we are unaware that inflammation is affecting us until the symptoms occur.


Fortunately, many physical problems related to inflammation can be addressed holistically with specially formulated supplements. For example, a daily dosage of omega-3 — essential polyunsaturated fatty acids — can reduce inflammation and prevent its progression. How so? Research indicates that omega-3 can counteract inflammation caused from the abundance of omega-6 oils we acquire from eating nuts and other plant-based food. Because it's easier and more convenient to consume foods that contain omega-6 than omega-3 acids, most of us could benefit from a dose of omega-3 to create a healthy balance in the blood, organs and joints.
Although you might try, a daily diet that contains enough omega-3 acids to effectively reduce inflammation isn't realistic for most of us. Instead of worrying every day about every item in your diet, consider a supplement designed specifically to reduce inflammation and balance out an abundance of omega-6. MOXXOR omega-3 contains all known forms of omega-3 fatty acids along with eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), a complete spectrum of vitamin E, synergetic oils such as kiwi seed, and cancer-fighting antioxidants like folate and lutein, among others. A consistent regimen might not only reduce inflammation, but also benefit your cardiovascular health and brain cognition. MOXXOR omega-3 is all-natural and doesn't contain the fillers or additives found in lower-quality supplements.

The Big Picture

While a doctor's examination is necessary to fully examine joint pain, you can improve your flexibility right away with MOXXOR omega-3 supplement and regular exercise such as yoga, aerobics or Pilates. When accompanied by good sleep and a nutritious diet, your chances of moving more like a 20-year-old will go up with your golf game and bowling score. And don't forget to pass on the benefits to your pets with a supplement for them too; their joints get old and achy just like yours do.
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