Need an Attitude Adjustment? Five Ways to Improve Your Mood

Keeping your spirits high when things around you are down can be a challenge. However, there are easy ways to boost your mood and stay healthy. Read on for a few ideas to help brighten your day and improve your mood.

Go Walking

Fresh air and exercise are known to improve well-being. They are a great mood buster too. Several studies have shown how just a walk around the block or from one end of the office to another can get you in a brighter frame of mind. Other mood-improving exercise includes going for a swim, taking part in a yoga session or running.

Listen to Music

Another easy way to lift your spirits and feel better is to listen to some upbeat music. Researchers from the University of Missouri found that a few minutes of music can improve how you feel. Take a waterproof radio in the shower with you or listen to something lively in the car to set you up for a feel-good day.

Find Something Funny

It has often been said that laughter is the best medicine — and research proves this is the case. Stanford University researchers showed that dopamine released through the laughing mechanism improves mood. So check out a funny movie or a clip online to stimulate a happiness boost.

Do a Good Deed

Doing something to help another person not only cheers them up but improves your mood, too. Humans are inherently social creatures and chatting with a neighbor who lives alone or volunteering for a community project can make you feel more connected.

Try Omega 3

For a mood-enhancing boost, Omega-3 has shown to be effective at improving heart health as well as helping to avoid depression. Dietary supplements such as MOXXOR Omega-3 works to ensure that nerve endings are rich in fatty acids and can facilitate nerve transmissions. They also do not contain the high levels of mercury commonly found in fish. Omega-3 supplements are known to boost your mood in a positive way and help regulate cholesterol to a healthy level. They strengthen bones and have added benefits for those entering the menopause. The mood booster in fish oil is serotonin which helps manage stress. Adding an Omega-3 supplement like MOXXOR to your diet is a simple way to help manage your state of mind.