Holistic Health

A Powerful Blend of Natural Omega-3’s, Vitamins, and Antioxidants for Overall Health and Wellness

One small MOXXOR OMEGA-3 capsule contains the most effective combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents available. Research has proven that antioxidants and omega-3's have a greater beneficial effect when consumed together.

100% Pure & Natural

MOXXOR OMEGA-3 is an all-natural whole food supplement. There’s no filler, no chemicals, no preservatives - just three pure, natural, effective ingredients from the pristine environs of New Zealand.


Reduce vascular inflammation Decrease fatigue and tiredness
Reduce joint inflammation Control blood pressure
Support cardiac function Improve red blood cell function
Support immune system Provide essential nutrients to nerve cells
Improve mental clarity Keep skin and hair supple

Naturopathic, Holistic

The MOXXOR OMEGA-3 soft gel capsule is much smaller and easier to swallow than other fish oil-based supplements. Small but strong - MOXXOR OMEGA-3 packs the most potent array of omega-3s, including ETA and DHA. Your good health starts here.

GMO-free * Toxin-free * Preservative-free * Mercury-free * Gluten- free * Chemical-free

Dr Rhonda Donahue - MOXXOR Holistic Advisory Board

“Every day, we are overburdened with toxins from the environment, from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, so we need antioxidants every single day to protect ourselves, our body, and we need those. This is the most powerful omega 3 and antioxidant in the world and I feel blessed to have it to be able to have it to take personally but also to recommend it to other people.”
- Rhonda Donahue